Ano ba ang mas-importante, pagkakaroon ng “rare” or kakaibang kulay ng hamster or ang maibigay sa kanila ang tamang pag-aalaga?

Dito sa Pilipinas, uso ang pagkakaroon ng “rare color” o madalas na naririnig natin sa term na “HIGH MUTE HAMSTER (high mutation)”. Ibig sabihin, ang hamster na ito ay may dalang specific gene na may specific na hitsura o kulay na may mataas na chance na yun lang ang iproproduce neto pag ito ay binreed. Nakabase mostly ang pag-aalaga sa dami at sa pagiging kakaiba ng kulay ng isang hamster na halos hindi na nabibigyan ng tamang pag-aalaga. Kumbaga, nagkakaroon lang ng value ang isang hamster kung ito ay nabili mo ng mahal o may kakaibang kulay. Paano ba naging ganito ang sitwasyon natin pag dating sa pag-aalaga? Ito ang aking mga obserbasyon kung bakit.

  1. Rarity = High Value

Dahil madaming nasisilaw sa halaga ng mga kakaibang kulay, madami ang mga nagbabakasakaling makabenta sila ng mga rare colors na nagreresulta sa mga unethical breeding or ung pag brebreed lang dahil sa kulay. Hindi nabibigyang halaga ang iba pang dapat tuunan ng pansin tulad ng maayos na genetics, temperament or ung pagiging maamo ng isang hamster, at physical na kaanyuuan (ilong, mata, muka, body build, etc.)

  1. High Value = Maganda alagaan

Maraming nagtatanong sa akin ano ba ang id (identification) na magandang alagaan? Nakakapag taka dahil hindi naman nakakatulong ang kulay ng isang hamster sa behavior nila. Hindi porket maganda o rare ang kulay, un ung magandang alagaan. Tandaan natin na bawat species ng hamster ay maganda kung maaalagaan natin sila ng maayos. May mga specific lang silang traits pero ang mahalaga ay kaya natin silang alagaan ng maayos.

  1. Maling Perspective

If you control or condition the minds of your customer, then kikita ka.” Isa sa mga nangyayari is nagkakaroon ng pagandahan ng hamster or ung mentality na dapat maganda ung hamster mo. Yoong mga nagbebenta ng hamsters, yun ang pinapasok nilang mentality sa mga customers nila. Imbis na bigyan sila ng info kung pano ba sila dapat alagaa, idadaan sila sa “rare / maganda” mentality para mas makabenta. Isa din ito sa marketing strategy upang makapagbenta ng mga hamsters.

Ano nga ba talaga ang importante? Mag-alaga ng mamahaling hamster na umaabot ng P1500-P5000 each or ang mag alaga ng hamster na inadopt pero naibibigay natin ang lahat ng pangangailangan nila? Hindi practical ang gumastos para sa ganoong kamahal na hamster at hindi natin kaya mag provide para sa needs nila. Mas practical na ibuhos na lang ung budget para bumili ng gamit, pagkain, at iba pang needs nila kesa sa hamster. Kung iisipin natin, kung mag iinvest tayo sa tamang mga gamit ng hamsters, pwede tayu mag-alaga ng matagal. Adopt lang ng hamsters dahil madaming hamsters na nangangailangan ng bahay at pagmamahal, samantala ang P1500~P5000 niyo mawawala lang sa loob ng 1.5~2 Years.

In conclusion, maging wise tayo sa mga desisyon natin sa buhay, maging practical tayong mag-isip. Hindi nagmamatter na may alaga tayong magandang hamster. What is important is ung alam nating nagthrithrive ung hamster natin under our care irregardless kung anung kulay man nila dahil bawat hamster ay special.

PS: Alam niyo ba, madaming hamsters ang pinamimigay sa mga events (20~100 pcs) and mostly dito ay mga carrier or normal colors? Dahil sa dami ng hamsters na naproproduce sa pagbreed ng mga rare colors may mga na proproduce na mga colors na hindi pure na lower value at ito ang pinamimigay sa mga newbies. Mukang okay na may namimigay ng hamsters pero kung iisipin natin, yung mga hamsters na ito lower in value, hindi sila mabebenta as high as ung mga rare na kulay. If aalagaan pa nila ito, masmagastos sa pagkain, beddings, at space kaya mas ideal na ipamigay na lang nila ito sa mga events para magmuka silang generous. In results, yung mga newbie na umaattend sa mga events na ito umuuwi na may madaming hamsters na dala, at kadalasan pair pa ang nakukuha nila. Rather than matulungan sila na maging responsible keeper, mas nagkakaroon sila ng bigger responsibility if dumami ung hamster. At the end, malaking possibility na mapabayaan sila on the long run. Ito ang realidad sa ating hamster community dito sa Pilipinas.

My Hamazing Story: Hello I’m Janarie!

Hi! I’m Janarie from Baguio, currently a hammy mom of 1 female cdh (named Pixie). We started having hamsters back in May of 2019 (if I remember it right). I wanted to get a hamster for my son so he could learn how to be gentle with smaller pets. A lot of people say it’s wrong buying a hamster for a child but my take on it is as long as the parent is the main caretaker of the hamster/s and you’re there to supervise them when they handle the hamsters then it’s fine. I remember wanting just 1 syrian hamster back then but the pet shop employee insisted the hamsters should go in pair or they would get sad living alone, I didn’t know much about hamsters back then. I honestly didn”t do a lot of research prior to buying a hamster.

So, we got 2 syrian hamsters, seed mix sold at the pet shop and got the largest wired cage they have at the time. I thought the hamsters would live happily with what we got them until I started joining groups and learned more about proper keeping (along with the learning I started slowly upgrading everything). The first hamster group I joined was Hamster Care Group UK, I’ve learned a lot from the group where I spent a lot of time silently reading, never posted though since it’s a UK group. I started to look for hamster groups in the Philippines and have joined a few. I posted a screenshot of thehamsterguy’s bin making video in one of the local groups I have joined asking about bincage materials accessible to me in our city and didn’t know BG was in that local group too, he invited me to join PHK and so I did. I’ve seen enclosures with lots of toys and enrichments, I was happy to find a local group where I was comfortable posting, had a sense of community with the members even when I just joined the group. Being in the Philippines, appropriate products for hamsters were hard to find especially back when I was starting so finding PHK then helped a lot with looking for items that were safe and appropriate.

An advice I can share for those wanting to have a hamster/s as a pet is really to do a lot of research first (which we should be doing to any kind of pet), you have to know what you’re getting into and if hamster is a pet that’s right for you and your family. Another would be to get all the basic things you need first before getting/adopting a hamster (which on my case was the other way around, I struggled looking for items I needed that I wanted to get asap. Most items got to me in more than a week so that’s something to think about too). Happy Keeping 🐹

Special Guesting AT PTV4’s Rise and Shine Pilipinas

Aired last January 27, 2021 at PTV4’s morning show “Rise and Shine Pilipinas.” We were invited to share our group’s advocacy and give some insight on hamster keeping. It was a good opportunity for us to share and raise awareness about the hobby. This is our 3rd time to be invited in such a wonderful experience.

We look forward for the next opportunity.

My Hamazing Story: Hello I’m Maje!

Henlo everyone, I’m maje nierves from Quezon city! I started rescuing/adopting hamster when the pandemic started. I’m a nurse and I’m currently staying at quezon city away from my parents. When the pandemic started, I’m being sad a lot of times because one factor is I can’t go home because of COVID. My boyfriend (RAYAN) is also a nurse and we have different schedule, which makes me feel alone at our apartment that time because of the COVID overtime at work. Our apartment doesn’t allow any pet inside, so I was thinking what kind of pet is not that noisy , not that big and not that complicated to take care of (also not that stink 😊 ) . Then one of my workmates suggested , “WHY NOT HAMSTER? “ and I was like “TAMA!!” ❤

And that’s where it began, I searched on facebook and joined some HAMSTER group, until I saw some post about PHK , I clicked their page and I read their Mission. It captures my heart and messaged their page right away. I was so excited but.. the requirements is not that easy, I lived in a small apartment and I was thinking where will I place it. I tried fixing my place so that I have enough space for my hamster. I was being impulsive that time because of emotional problems at work and need some stress reliever. I thought having a hamster is just easy, just place them in a small cage , add some wheel food and water and that’s it, I also thought that I need pairs for them not to be lonely. But When i joined PHK group chat V3, I learned a lot about hamster keeping. I understand why they need bigger cage, deeper beddings , food mixes and why is breeding is NOT tolerated ,etc. and when the day comes that I’ll be getting my first hamster, a rex CDH 2months old named THOR (HamsTHOR) , I knew that it was love at first sight when I saw my very first baby hamster. Taming is a no joke, it takes time and effort and pain (if they bite you hehe) but PHK is there to guide me as a beginner HAM-MOM. I did some research and everything, and after a month, I adopted BUHBLES , a 4 months old syrian hamster, the one that PHK rescued and had a mass removal surgery. I was afraid to touched her that time. Taming process really challenged me but I tried everyday and didn’t give up. And lastly, I adopted a Winterwhite 1 month old named NYEBIE (came from the word NYEBE = snow). Every hamsters has different personality which challenged me how to interact with them. What I love also being a HAM-MOM is , they are like a Kid that has their own favorite toys, favorite treatoo , don’ t like this and that which makes them different and unique with one another.

I’m so thankful that I found PHK group and learned the right proper keeping right away! My advice to future HAM-MOM or HAM-dad is be prepared because even though they are small, they are kinda expensive. They have short life span, and we should give them all while they are still kicking here in this world. My goal is for them to thrive while they’re still with me. But remember , don’t rush , follow the step by step process if you want to upgrade your bin cages, food mix, toys, hides etc. Read those caresheet that PHK provided for proper keeping. And don’t be shy to ask the PHK admins or Members if you have a problem. They are here to help us to improve our care with our hamster ❤ . HAPPY KEEPING !!

My Hamazing Story: Hello I’m CHANTAL!

Hello! I’m Chantal from Tondo, Manila and I started in this hobby way back 2018. My boyfriend said that he has never seen a hamster running on a wheel so I bought him a pair of Syrian hamsters as a gift (I had no idea they are solitary). At first we thought, “Mabilis lang naman yan alagaan,” just give them pellets and sunflower seeds as their staple food, buy kusot, provide a water bottle with water, and just place them inside a small cage. We thought that was enough. Until my boyfriend joined the PHK Community and realized that there are so many incorrect practices with our hamster care.

(18L bin cage with my adopted Campbell dwarf hamster)

Ever since he joined, he learned a lot about proper hamster care and his hamster actually survived longer. One day, we heard that there was a Campbell dwarf hamster for adoption and we decided to adopt. Then I was able to adopt and have my first hamster. My first cage was an 18-liter storage box that was converted to a bin cage. Through the days staying and learning with the Group, I realized the importance of having a larger enclosure. I slowly did my upgrades. I upgraded to 42L, then to 58L, 100L, and now 135L. It is a big help to be part of a community that encourages you to improve your hamster care. Because of this group, I learned to be a better hamster owner.

(My upgraded bin cage and current setup, 100L and 135L)

My advice to those planning to own a hamster, make sure that you are prepared. You can start whenever you can and slowly improve your care or be above the standard. Continue to trust the process until one day you will realize that you are already reaching the standard. You will then realize that your cage is the appropriate size. Everyone can have pets for as long as you can provide for their needs and be open to improvements.

If you want your stories to be featured contact us through our Facebook page– Philippine Hamster Keepers and send us your pictures and story!

Hey, have you met me? – Chinese Hamster

Oh, hello there hooman.

Chinese Hamsters

Chinese Hamsters are not so common here in the Philippines unlike Syrians and Dwarves. They can easily be mistaken to a mouse because their tail is a bit longer than the other hamsters. But hey, Chinese Hamsters are also a great pet once you get to tame and know their personality.

Let us start with some Facts about them:

Life Span: 2 to 3 Years
Length: 8.2 to 13 cm
Mass: 30 to 45 g (Adult)
Origins: China and Mongolia

They are SOLITARY, but . . .


Chinese Hamsters are solitary and prefer to live alone. There are some cases that you might see them being housed with another Chinese Hamster. Their cagemate are usually their family. They can be kept in single sex groups, single sex pair or breeding pairs.

They are unpredicatable towards their own kind especially the females. So if you plan to keep them by group, always keep an eye on them. Separate them immediately once you see a sign, even just a bit, of aggression.

Better be safe than sorry, right?

Run Winslow, run!

They are very shy and doesn’t want anything to do with me.

They are very shy and doesn’t want anything to do with me.

Chinese Hamsters are very shy, at first. So it is advisable to provide them hides and a thick bedding where they can burrow and make tunnels. You want to give them everything that will make them feel secure.

I guess my hooman is not around – Winslow
Please let me drink in peace – Azrael
I guess my hooman is not around – Gizmo

It is also advisable to provide them a bigger size of cage so they can explore and roam around during their active hours, and of course, where are we gonna put those hides and toys if their home is small.

Oh my, hooman is flexin my home. Gotta hide – Mushu

But hey! Once they feel safe around you, you’ll get them to come out of their hides and even get the treats from your hand.

Chinese Hamsters, like any other hamsters, are packed with personalities. One can be so active that can run for hours, one will ignore that wheel, the other will just keep on making tunnels through their bedding.

Go away, hooman – Azrael
Now watch me drink with poise – Winslow
No hooman, I am not running – Mushu

When handling them, be very extra careful since they are small. Don’t force them, let them allow you to pick them up, or hop in your palm. Always have time to talk and play with them to gain their trust, no sudden movements that can startle them. Okay?

Oh, is it playtime? – Lily

Oh they love it when it comes to treats.

Speaking of treats, always give them the right amount as they are very prone to diabetes. We don’t want them to suffer, remember they’ll only be with us for around 2 to 3 years. So they only deserve the BEST.

Don’t worry hooman, I’ll go easy on this one – Winslow

There you have it, some of the few things we saw about the Chinese Hamsters.

To sum it up,

  • They need a BIG home
  • Wheels, toys and hides
  • Time, it’ll take time to make them trust you
  • 101% of best care.
  • They are SOLITARY. Lets not risk it.
  • They are awesome.

I hope you guys learned a few thing about me – Chinese Hamster

Promote Proper Hamster Keeping and win!

Hello everyone! This month, we are creating a movement to promote proper hamster care. We would like to raise awareness that hamsters must be given the best care possible. So in lieu of this, we will be having 2 special activities. By participating in these 2 activities, you are practicing and promoting proper hamster care. It is your choice if you wish to participate or note. (21cm wheel and 2 saucer running wheel will be given away via random draw for those who will participate)

PHK Profile Cards

First part of the task, Create your own profile cards. This card represents you and your hamsters. There will be available templates for you to choose from.

  1. From those templates, add your display picture (you can use your current Facebook display image)
  2. Next, fill out the blank space where your name must be placed. (Please use a readable font and only use black or white color for the text)
  3. Next, insert an image of your hamsters. You can add at most 3 images. Then on the bottom part, type in their names. (if you only have 1~2 hamsters, that’s okay, leave the spaces blank.
  4. On the bottom blank space “Favorite activity with hamsters” answer that truthfully.
  5. Once finished, post this card on your wall with the tags: @Philippine Hamster Keepers #PromoteProperHamsterKeeping (note: you can only tag @Philippine Hamster Keepers once you like our page)
  6. Once posted, submit a screen shot of your post on Philippine Hamster Keepers official page where you found this post.

PHK Facebook Frames

Second part of the task is to add a profile frame on your display image on facebook.

  1. Go to your facebook. Click on you profile.
  2. Then on your DP, Click change image. (choose a picture of your hamster as DP) You will see that you have the option to add frames. Search on “PHK Frame” then click apply. It should look something like this. (See image)

Both task must be accomplished to be eligible for the raffle draw. Winners will be announced via facebook live on theHamsterGuy Facebook page on April 24, 2020 | 9PM. Good luck everyone! Also don’t forget to share this post!

My Hamazing Story: Hello I’m Kim!

Hello! I’m Kim Arvin from Mandaluyong City. My hamster journey started last 2017 when my cousin’s husband gave me a pair of Syrian hamster. That time my cousin is pregnant and about to deliver. I don’t have any idea how I will take good care of them. A few days after, I tried browsing hamster group in facebook. I join a lot of group but I saw one group that differ from other which cater proper keeping. Then I join Mandaluyong Hamster Keeper (MHK) which is the former group name of Philippine Hamster Keeper (PHK). At first I was sad because I can’t provide the requirements to be followed. I don’t have enough money to buy big bin and toys. Lately, I got another set of hamster from my classmate which is CDH. I tried to breed them without any idea how to do it. A months later some of my hamster started to die. I was so disappointed that time because I haven’t provide all the needs of my hamster. When they got all gone, I said to my self that before I keep again I will start providing all of their needs.

During year 2019, I started saving money and buying their stuffs. I got my 78 L bin in our house, which is a storage box of my mom. I convince her everyday until she gave it to me. Kuya BG helps me with my bin and he putted it a acrylic in front and wire mesh at the top. Also, I already brought hamster supplies online like hamster wheel and hides. I also created some DIY toys for them. I apply everything they thought me to do and started learning things in keeping a hamster. I have now 3 hamster which is 2 CDH namely Hoshi and Hiro a 7 months old and 1 Syrian which is 1 month old. I adopted them in Hamdoption PH. I’m so glad that I became part of this group, we treated ourselves not just with same hobby but as a family. I’m so thankful for all the hardworking admins who boost and share their wisdom. I’m proud to be PHKnians!

If you want your stories to be featured contact go to our facebook page Philippine Hamster Keepers and send us your pictures and story!

A mile stone for Philippine Hamster Keepers

We are so excited this day na nagkaroon na tayo ng official website for our group! As some of you know, we have been reported sa facebook group multiple times but we never gave up. Because of that, naisipan namin na gumawa ng website. At first hesitant kami kasi alam namin na it will cost us a lot, but because of PHK Community, marami nagcontribute to up this site. Sobrang heart warming to realize na ang daming nag susupport sa group. Mga members na laging nanjan to support ever direction na ginagawa namin to improve ung quality ng pagkekeep. From the bottom of our hearts as admins, thank you guys for your 100% support! We will work harder para mas marami tayung maturuan about proper hamster keeping. 😀