My Hamazing Story: Hello I’m Kim!

Hello! I’m Kim Arvin from Mandaluyong City. My hamster journey started last 2017 when my cousin’s husband gave me a pair of Syrian hamster. That time my cousin is pregnant and about to deliver. I don’t have any idea how I will take good care of them. A few days after, I tried browsing hamster group in facebook. I join a lot of group but I saw one group that differ from other which cater proper keeping. Then I join Mandaluyong Hamster Keeper (MHK) which is the former group name of Philippine Hamster Keeper (PHK). At first I was sad because I can’t provide the requirements to be followed. I don’t have enough money to buy big bin and toys. Lately, I got another set of hamster from my classmate which is CDH. I tried to breed them without any idea how to do it. A months later some of my hamster started to die. I was so disappointed that time because I haven’t provide all the needs of my hamster. When they got all gone, I said to my self that before I keep again I will start providing all of their needs.

During year 2019, I started saving money and buying their stuffs. I got my 78 L bin in our house, which is a storage box of my mom. I convince her everyday until she gave it to me. Kuya BG helps me with my bin and he putted it a acrylic in front and wire mesh at the top. Also, I already brought hamster supplies online like hamster wheel and hides. I also created some DIY toys for them. I apply everything they thought me to do and started learning things in keeping a hamster. I have now 3 hamster which is 2 CDH namely Hoshi and Hiro a 7 months old and 1 Syrian which is 1 month old. I adopted them in Hamdoption PH. I’m so glad that I became part of this group, we treated ourselves not just with same hobby but as a family. I’m so thankful for all the hardworking admins who boost and share their wisdom. I’m proud to be PHKnians!

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