Promote Proper Hamster Keeping and win!

Hello everyone! This month, we are creating a movement to promote proper hamster care. We would like to raise awareness that hamsters must be given the best care possible. So in lieu of this, we will be having 2 special activities. By participating in these 2 activities, you are practicing and promoting proper hamster care. It is your choice if you wish to participate or note. (21cm wheel and 2 saucer running wheel will be given away via random draw for those who will participate)

PHK Profile Cards

First part of the task, Create your own profile cards. This card represents you and your hamsters. There will be available templates for you to choose from.

  1. From those templates, add your display picture (you can use your current Facebook display image)
  2. Next, fill out the blank space where your name must be placed. (Please use a readable font and only use black or white color for the text)
  3. Next, insert an image of your hamsters. You can add at most 3 images. Then on the bottom part, type in their names. (if you only have 1~2 hamsters, that’s okay, leave the spaces blank.
  4. On the bottom blank space “Favorite activity with hamsters” answer that truthfully.
  5. Once finished, post this card on your wall with the tags: @Philippine Hamster Keepers #PromoteProperHamsterKeeping (note: you can only tag @Philippine Hamster Keepers once you like our page)
  6. Once posted, submit a screen shot of your post on Philippine Hamster Keepers official page where you found this post.

PHK Facebook Frames

Second part of the task is to add a profile frame on your display image on facebook.

  1. Go to your facebook. Click on you profile.
  2. Then on your DP, Click change image. (choose a picture of your hamster as DP) You will see that you have the option to add frames. Search on “PHK Frame” then click apply. It should look something like this. (See image)

Both task must be accomplished to be eligible for the raffle draw. Winners will be announced via facebook live on theHamsterGuy Facebook page on April 24, 2020 | 9PM. Good luck everyone! Also don’t forget to share this post!

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