Hey, have you met me? – Chinese Hamster

Oh, hello there hooman.

Chinese Hamsters

Chinese Hamsters are not so common here in the Philippines unlike Syrians and Dwarves. They can easily be mistaken to a mouse because their tail is a bit longer than the other hamsters. But hey, Chinese Hamsters are also a great pet once you get to tame and know their personality.

Let us start with some Facts about them:

Life Span: 2 to 3 Years
Length: 8.2 to 13 cm
Mass: 30 to 45 g (Adult)
Origins: China and Mongolia

They are SOLITARY, but . . .


Chinese Hamsters are solitary and prefer to live alone. There are some cases that you might see them being housed with another Chinese Hamster. Their cagemate are usually their family. They can be kept in single sex groups, single sex pair or breeding pairs.

They are unpredicatable towards their own kind especially the females. So if you plan to keep them by group, always keep an eye on them. Separate them immediately once you see a sign, even just a bit, of aggression.

Better be safe than sorry, right?

Run Winslow, run!

They are very shy and doesn’t want anything to do with me.

They are very shy and doesn’t want anything to do with me.

Chinese Hamsters are very shy, at first. So it is advisable to provide them hides and a thick bedding where they can burrow and make tunnels. You want to give them everything that will make them feel secure.

I guess my hooman is not around – Winslow
Please let me drink in peace – Azrael
I guess my hooman is not around – Gizmo

It is also advisable to provide them a bigger size of cage so they can explore and roam around during their active hours, and of course, where are we gonna put those hides and toys if their home is small.

Oh my, hooman is flexin my home. Gotta hide – Mushu

But hey! Once they feel safe around you, you’ll get them to come out of their hides and even get the treats from your hand.

Chinese Hamsters, like any other hamsters, are packed with personalities. One can be so active that can run for hours, one will ignore that wheel, the other will just keep on making tunnels through their bedding.

Go away, hooman – Azrael
Now watch me drink with poise – Winslow
No hooman, I am not running – Mushu

When handling them, be very extra careful since they are small. Don’t force them, let them allow you to pick them up, or hop in your palm. Always have time to talk and play with them to gain their trust, no sudden movements that can startle them. Okay?

Oh, is it playtime? – Lily

Oh they love it when it comes to treats.

Speaking of treats, always give them the right amount as they are very prone to diabetes. We don’t want them to suffer, remember they’ll only be with us for around 2 to 3 years. So they only deserve the BEST.

Don’t worry hooman, I’ll go easy on this one – Winslow

There you have it, some of the few things we saw about the Chinese Hamsters.

To sum it up,

  • They need a BIG home
  • Wheels, toys and hides
  • Time, it’ll take time to make them trust you
  • 101% of best care.
  • They are SOLITARY. Lets not risk it.
  • They are awesome.

I hope you guys learned a few thing about me – Chinese Hamster

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