Special Guesting AT PTV4’s Rise and Shine Pilipinas

Aired last January 27, 2021 at PTV4’s morning show “Rise and Shine Pilipinas.” We were invited to share our group’s advocacy and give some insight on hamster keeping. It was a good opportunity for us to share and raise awareness about the hobby. This is our 3rd time to be invited in such a wonderful experience.

We look forward for the next opportunity.

Promote Proper Hamster Keeping and win!

Hello everyone! This month, we are creating a movement to promote proper hamster care. We would like to raise awareness that hamsters must be given the best care possible. So in lieu of this, we will be having 2 special activities. By participating in these 2 activities, you are practicing and promoting proper hamster care. It is your choice if you wish to participate or note. (21cm wheel and 2 saucer running wheel will be given away via random draw for those who will participate)

PHK Profile Cards

First part of the task, Create your own profile cards. This card represents you and your hamsters. There will be available templates for you to choose from.

  1. From those templates, add your display picture (you can use your current Facebook display image)
  2. Next, fill out the blank space where your name must be placed. (Please use a readable font and only use black or white color for the text)
  3. Next, insert an image of your hamsters. You can add at most 3 images. Then on the bottom part, type in their names. (if you only have 1~2 hamsters, that’s okay, leave the spaces blank.
  4. On the bottom blank space “Favorite activity with hamsters” answer that truthfully.
  5. Once finished, post this card on your wall with the tags: @Philippine Hamster Keepers #PromoteProperHamsterKeeping (note: you can only tag @Philippine Hamster Keepers once you like our page)
  6. Once posted, submit a screen shot of your post on Philippine Hamster Keepers official page where you found this post.

PHK Facebook Frames

Second part of the task is to add a profile frame on your display image on facebook.

  1. Go to your facebook. Click on you profile.
  2. Then on your DP, Click change image. (choose a picture of your hamster as DP) You will see that you have the option to add frames. Search on “PHK Frame” then click apply. It should look something like this. (See image)

Both task must be accomplished to be eligible for the raffle draw. Winners will be announced via facebook live on theHamsterGuy Facebook page on April 24, 2020 | 9PM. Good luck everyone! Also don’t forget to share this post!

My Hamazing Story: Hello I’m Kim!

Hello! I’m Kim Arvin from Mandaluyong City. My hamster journey started last 2017 when my cousin’s husband gave me a pair of Syrian hamster. That time my cousin is pregnant and about to deliver. I don’t have any idea how I will take good care of them. A few days after, I tried browsing hamster group in facebook. I join a lot of group but I saw one group that differ from other which cater proper keeping. Then I join Mandaluyong Hamster Keeper (MHK) which is the former group name of Philippine Hamster Keeper (PHK). At first I was sad because I can’t provide the requirements to be followed. I don’t have enough money to buy big bin and toys. Lately, I got another set of hamster from my classmate which is CDH. I tried to breed them without any idea how to do it. A months later some of my hamster started to die. I was so disappointed that time because I haven’t provide all the needs of my hamster. When they got all gone, I said to my self that before I keep again I will start providing all of their needs.

During year 2019, I started saving money and buying their stuffs. I got my 78 L bin in our house, which is a storage box of my mom. I convince her everyday until she gave it to me. Kuya BG helps me with my bin and he putted it a acrylic in front and wire mesh at the top. Also, I already brought hamster supplies online like hamster wheel and hides. I also created some DIY toys for them. I apply everything they thought me to do and started learning things in keeping a hamster. I have now 3 hamster which is 2 CDH namely Hoshi and Hiro a 7 months old and 1 Syrian which is 1 month old. I adopted them in Hamdoption PH. I’m so glad that I became part of this group, we treated ourselves not just with same hobby but as a family. I’m so thankful for all the hardworking admins who boost and share their wisdom. I’m proud to be PHKnians!

If you want your stories to be featured contact go to our facebook page Philippine Hamster Keepers and send us your pictures and story!

The Sleepy Hammy

Ever wondered how to get your hamster sleep on you? Well today I’m going to share some tips to have your baby cuddle beside you!

Say hello to my little hammy Bonbon. She is known for her sleeping habits in the hamster world. Want to know why she’s comfortable sleeping with her homan? The first thing you have to know about her is that when Bonbon was born she grew up in a safe environment. Her first hammy parent tamed her at an early age. Once she was born with her siblings and opened her eyes for the first time her hammy parent immediately started building a relationship. That is why by the time she was about to get adopted by me, her new hammy mom, Bonbon was already comfortable in the presence of a human. Taming has such an important role, take note on that. She was adopted at the age of 2 months and it was a perfect time to start building a new relationship.

The safe environment for these little babies growing up is so important for them to build a sweet and loving personality. When I finally enjoyed my time with Bonbon, for the first few weeks I made her feel at home. That me, as her human is safe to be around with. At first she was curious and aggressive towards my hand. She would nibble a little or sometimes bite me. But that stopped after a month because Bonbon can now recognize my scent.

Okay, now we’re about to talk about the exciting part where I tell you how I got Bonbon to feel safe around me. The first thing you have to do is to spend time with your little one. Playtime is essential in building a relationship. Tame them well and be patient about it. If he/she asks for your hand when you go near their cage you can now say that they are very well tamed. When you see your hamster sleeping gently scoop him/her in your hand and slowly near your body. Make sure you make no sound and your movements will not stress your hamster. They must recognize your body/hand as a safe place to sleep. This might not work for your first try but don’t give up! Patience is key to everything. After holding your baby near your body gently hug them using your fingers as if he/she was in a tight space. Remember, hamsters love to sleep in tight places. It is also important to do this inside a dim room. The light might affect their sleeping habits since it is their first time to be held while sleeping.

Now it is time to pick a place where you can sit and stay still while your hamster sleep on you. If he/she wakes up give a treat before putting them back inside their house.

But what if your hamster just don’t have that sweet personality? Even when you try and try you can’t get them to sleep on you? My experience with this is with my baby Chestnut. I got him as an adult hammy to be exact, he was 6 months old. I never got to tame him as well as I taught but whenever I try this method at home he would wake up after 5 mins or sometimes as fast as I picked him up. Chestnut was never an active hammy unlike Bonbon who needs 2 wheels inside her cage just to satisfy her need for running. This could also be one reason why she’s extra tired during the day. Chestnut is not a heavy sleeper unlike Bonbon. Also knowing that he came from a bad home and how he grew up his personality is understandable. But surprisingly one afternoon I took Chestnut to a vet and while waiting inside the private room for the doctor he started sleeping on me. My hand around his body and I was gently rubbing his head he fell asleep instantly. This is where I concluded at that moment, I was Chestnut’s safe place. Her mom, was the only thing he trusts while hearing that there are different animals inside the clinic.

After building a relationship with him, letting him know that as her mommy I can be his safe place Chestnut would sleep on me every time we visit his vet and this would take about an hour before the doctor comes in and examine him. So you see, your babies need to feel they are safe. This is the most important part if you want your babies to be a sleepy hammy. I hope you learned something from this blog and keep coming back for more updates!!


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The Becoming of theHamsterGuy

My Journey as a Hamster Keeper

Hello guys! My name is BG aka theHamsterGuy and I have been keeping hamsters for almost 4 years now. Nagstart ako mag-alaga ng hamster way back September of 2016. Noong time na yun, nagpasama sa akin ung classmate ko sa cartimar para bumili ng dog food. Since sasamahan ko siya, nag-offer siya na bibilhan daw niya ako ng hamster sa cartimar. So nung nagpunta kami, binilhan niya ako ng pair na Syrian hamsters, syempre ako na gumastos ng cage ko. Ang pinili kong cage is ung barcage na kulay violet na may wheel na 11cm. (mali ko din na kumuha ako agad ng hamster na di nagreresearch) So pag-uwe ko ng bahay, nag research na ako about sa hamsters and hindi pa naging clear sakin kung anung species ng hamster ung nabili ko. May mga nabasa na ako that time na solitary daw ang syrian hamsters pero di ko tukoy kung syrians ba talga sila kasi ang liliit pa nila. Hanggang sa sumali ako sa mga local groups and sinabi nila na syrian ung alaga ko kaya hiniwalay ko na sila agad. Inilipat ko ung isang male sa 12L bincage dahil un ang inadvice sa akin ng mga kasama ko sa group. Since then nag research ako ng nagresearch locally. Sa state ko na un, feeling ko ok na ung ginagawa kasi lahat naman ng kasama ko same lang ginagawa. Naging interested din ako magbreed before. Na-alala ko na gusto ko dumami ung syrians ko kaya binreed ko sila. Nagpaturo ako sa ibang tao pano magbreed at nanganak ung hamsters ko hanggang sa lumaki sila and pinapamigay ko. May isang time na nagka event ung group sa Starmall sa Mandaluyong and napabili din ako ng campbell dwarf hamster na pair and binreed ko sila. Yun ung time na every 2 weeks nanganganak ung hamster ko mga tatlong beses na in 2 months, and pinamimigay ko lang sila. Hindi ko pa alam that time na di pala ganun basta basta nag brebreed, madami pala dapat iconsider bago magbreed. Until na nakapanood ako ng mga videos online kay Victoria Rachael about sa mga tamang pag-aalaga ng hamster. Yung mga requirements nila sa cage and wheels. Then sumali ako sa isang international group and dun ko na realize na all these time, mali pala ung ginagawa ko sa pag-aalaga ko. Kaya since then naging goal ko na is ung mga international standards sa pagkekeep. Alam ko na mahirap talga ma-atain ung standard nila pero dinahan-dahan ko talaga. Dumating yung time na habang nasa loob ako ng ibang group, pinropromote ko ung mga nakikita ko sa ibang bansa sa tamang way ng pag kekeep ng hamster. Madami ang hindi sumangayon sa akin dahil hindi daw applicable yung mga paraan ng ibang bansa dito sa atin. Also madaming research akong nabas na may scientific studies pero hindi padin daw ito applicable dahil mas lamang daw ang experience nila compared sa research ng scientists. Pinag patuloy ko lang ung pagpropromote ng proper keeping hanggang sa hindi na natuwa ung mga ibang group sa akin. Inalis nila ako sa groups nila dahil daw mayabang ako and nagmamagaling. That time na realize ko na hindi ma-aacept itong ginagawa ko ng mga established groups dito sa Philippines, kaya mas nagfocus ako sa isang group na ginawa akong admin, Mandaluyong Hamster Keepers. Ang goal lang ng MHK is ipromote ang proper hamster care around Mandaluyong area. Nang dahil sa group na ito, nakita ko na may fighting chance na ma promote ang proper keeping sa Pinas, pero hindi naging madali ang buhay namin. Para kaming nagswiswimming against the tides. Maraming naninira and madaming tumitira sa amin. Hindi ko na lang pinansin yun and nag focus na lang ako sa pagproprovide ng maayos na info. Naaalala ko may isang beses na may nakausap na akong matagal na sa hamster industry and sinabi ko sa kanya na dapat ma promote ung proper keeping sa Pinas. Ang sagot niya sa akin, “Hindi mo na mababago ung industry na ito, para itong isang malaking puno na matibay na, hindi mo ito matitibag.” Ang sagot ko naman ay “Kaya nga po ako gumawa ng panibagong puno na maayos sinimulan.” Nung lumaki na yung group, nagdecide ako na gumawa ng new group, ang Philippine Hamster Keepers. Same year ko din ginawa ang theHamsterGuy and mga youtube videos ko. Madami na din kaming mga naging audience and nahikayat na mag promote ng proper keeping dahil sa mga napapakita namin. Narealize ko na hindi na pala dapat magfocus baguhin ung mga nag-aalaga na may nakasanayan na, but rather mag focus sa mga newbies na ang hangad is mabigyan ng maayos na buhay ang hamsters nila. Kaya ok lang sakin na magspend ng oras kakasagot sa bawat katanungan ng mga newbies dahil nang galing din ako doon, naranasan ko ding maging isang newbie.

Isang realization ko nung nagsimula ako, walang PHK pa noon na kung saan maaring matulungan na agad ako sa proper care ng hamster. Madami akong naging mali sa pagkeekeep pero minamake sure ko na tinatama ko ito along the way. Hindi ko goal na maging perfect ang pag-aalaga ko kasi wala namang perpekto, pero pwede natin istrive na maging perfect para sa mga alaga natin. May this be an inspiration na mas-iimprove natin ung pag-aalaga natin. Hanggang ngayon, madami padin akong natututunan sa mga behaviors ng mga hamsters natin and madami pading mga bagong research tayong matututunan about sa kanila. Wag natin iclose ung utak natin sa mga bagay na pwedeng magpaayos sa kanilang buhay.  

My Hamsters and Routine.

Here are my existing hamsters as of now.

Since I work every weekdays, umuuwi ako ng 7pm and un lang ung nagiging time ko sa kanila (and also weekends). Sinet upan ko sila ng cage na kung saan madami silang magagawa dahil alam kong hindi ako magkakaroon ng time araw araw para laruin sila. Minsan naman, nilalaro ko sila, lalo na pag may new hamster ako na hindi tame, mas nagspespend ako ng time para itame sila. So pag-uwe ng bahay, checheck ko sila isa isa kung buhay pa. Check water bottle and food dish kung may laman pa. Then gagawin ko ung mga errands na need kong gawin. Then bago umalis, check ulit ng mga waterbottles kung may laman pang water. 

Dahil malalaki ang cage ko, I usually do cleaning every 4-6 months. Then every other week ako nag spo-spot clean then linis ung mga wheels na may wiwi, then change ng sand and mga liter pellets. 

And also, since nagpapatakbo ako ng adoption center, I also need to check ung mga lagay ng hamsters na for adoption. Minamake sure ko na maayos din silang naaalgaan kahit na temporary lang sila sa akin.

Hamdoption PH Mandaluyong Center

I mostly spend my time answering mga questions ng mga newbies and gumagawa ako ng mga way na para mas mabigay ung information sa proper keeping sa ibang tao like paggawa ng videos sa theHamsterGuy, paggawa ng mga caresheet and many other more. Nag-iisip din ako ng mga activities na pwedeng gawin ng group like mga events and all. Also, since isa akong designer, I usually make bincages if may mga order sa akin. So ganun lang ang life ko. I hope you guys find it interesting. šŸ˜€

Philippine Hamster Keepers Christmas Party

A mile stone for Philippine Hamster Keepers

We are so excited this day na nagkaroon na tayo ng official website for our group! As some of you know, we have been reported sa facebook group multiple times but we never gave up. Because of that, naisipan namin na gumawa ng website. At first hesitant kami kasi alam namin na it will cost us a lot, but because of PHK Community, marami nagcontribute to up this site. Sobrang heart warming to realize na ang daming nag susupport sa group. Mga members na laging nanjan to support ever direction na ginagawa namin to improve ung quality ng pagkekeep. From the bottom of our hearts as admins, thank you guys for your 100% support! We will work harder para mas marami tayung maturuan about proper hamster keeping. šŸ˜€