PHK exists to promote proper hamster care in all species in the Philippines by providing the proper guidelines on how to properly care for them.


PHK envisions a future where hamsters are properly and ethically taken care off. Hamsters are not just pets but we see them as part of our family, and they too require specific care. PHK provides a community that supports other keepers and the public in terms of proper care through education and support. PHK hopes that through this movement, current and future hamster owners will strive to give the best care and promote good practice.

New things are always being discovered. A good keeper understands this and seeks to improve their lives. Of course, we make mistakes, but we shouldn’t continue doing what is already wrong just for the sake of our pride. Remember, Hamster keeping is not about what we want but rather, what they need.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the following people who contributed to keep this website running:

Jacky Uy, Ellen Austria, Trisha De Torres, Yana LK, Ann Braga Caraan, Katherine Maloles, Apple Domingo, Chantal Mhae, Eg Gadot Jr., Janarie Yayie, Mitch Gutierrez, Shaney Srivera, Ceryl Tubingan, Gabbie Cruz, James Marson Lui, Cessna Morrison, Katrina Bautista, Sher Macs, Hael Hernandez Calinao, Maje Nierves, Donavel Trinidad, Aina Minowa, Mariah Jane Baltazar, Marie Emmanuelle Palillo, Jude Defensor, Nestlyn Ragas, Anj Malacas and Aleli Bee.