My Hamazing Story: Hello I’m Maje!

Henlo everyone, I’m maje nierves from Quezon city! I started rescuing/adopting hamster when the pandemic started. I’m a nurse and I’m currently staying at quezon city away from my parents. When the pandemic started, I’m being sad a lot of times because one factor is I can’t go home because of COVID. My boyfriend (RAYAN) is also a nurse and we have different schedule, which makes me feel alone at our apartment that time because of the COVID overtime at work. Our apartment doesn’t allow any pet inside, so I was thinking what kind of pet is not that noisy , not that big and not that complicated to take care of (also not that stink 😊 ) . Then one of my workmates suggested , “WHY NOT HAMSTER? “ and I was like “TAMA!!” ❤

And that’s where it began, I searched on facebook and joined some HAMSTER group, until I saw some post about PHK , I clicked their page and I read their Mission. It captures my heart and messaged their page right away. I was so excited but.. the requirements is not that easy, I lived in a small apartment and I was thinking where will I place it. I tried fixing my place so that I have enough space for my hamster. I was being impulsive that time because of emotional problems at work and need some stress reliever. I thought having a hamster is just easy, just place them in a small cage , add some wheel food and water and that’s it, I also thought that I need pairs for them not to be lonely. But When i joined PHK group chat V3, I learned a lot about hamster keeping. I understand why they need bigger cage, deeper beddings , food mixes and why is breeding is NOT tolerated ,etc. and when the day comes that I’ll be getting my first hamster, a rex CDH 2months old named THOR (HamsTHOR) , I knew that it was love at first sight when I saw my very first baby hamster. Taming is a no joke, it takes time and effort and pain (if they bite you hehe) but PHK is there to guide me as a beginner HAM-MOM. I did some research and everything, and after a month, I adopted BUHBLES , a 4 months old syrian hamster, the one that PHK rescued and had a mass removal surgery. I was afraid to touched her that time. Taming process really challenged me but I tried everyday and didn’t give up. And lastly, I adopted a Winterwhite 1 month old named NYEBIE (came from the word NYEBE = snow). Every hamsters has different personality which challenged me how to interact with them. What I love also being a HAM-MOM is , they are like a Kid that has their own favorite toys, favorite treatoo , don’ t like this and that which makes them different and unique with one another.

I’m so thankful that I found PHK group and learned the right proper keeping right away! My advice to future HAM-MOM or HAM-dad is be prepared because even though they are small, they are kinda expensive. They have short life span, and we should give them all while they are still kicking here in this world. My goal is for them to thrive while they’re still with me. But remember , don’t rush , follow the step by step process if you want to upgrade your bin cages, food mix, toys, hides etc. Read those caresheet that PHK provided for proper keeping. And don’t be shy to ask the PHK admins or Members if you have a problem. They are here to help us to improve our care with our hamster ❤ . HAPPY KEEPING !!

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