Our Battle Cry

“New things are always being discovered. A good keeper understands this and seeks to improve their lives. Of course, we make mistakes, but we shouldn’t continue doing what is already wrong just for the sake of our pride. Remember, hamster keeping is not about what we want but rather, what they need.”

New to hamster keeping?

This page was designed to meet every new hamster owners needs. We have tons of information to share with you.

Adopt a hamster through hamdoption

Hamdoption is a non-profit organisation that rescues hamsters who are in need and are given to new responsible keepers. Willing to rehome one? Message Hamdoption PH on Facebook,

Join our events

Twice a year we conduct Gathering events. New and old keepers come together to learn from each other and have fun with one common interest, the love for hamsters.


Philippine Hamster Keepers and Hamdoption PH were aired in one of the shows in GMA “AHA!” Hosted by Drew Arellano.


Looking for hamster care videos made by a Filipino hamster youtuber? Check out theHamsterGuy Youtube channel.

Connect with us

Are you interested to know more about hamster keeping? Do you want to join our community? Message us on our FB Page and we can add you in our Group Chat.