Ano ba ang mas-importante, pagkakaroon ng “rare” or kakaibang kulay ng hamster or ang maibigay sa kanila ang tamang pag-aalaga? Dito sa Pilipinas, uso ang pagkakaroon ng “rare color” o madalas na naririnig natin sa term na “HIGH MUTE HAMSTER (high mutation)”. Ibig sabihin, ang hamster na ito ay may dalang specific gene na may […]

My Hamazing Story: Hello I’m Janarie!

Hi! I’m Janarie from Baguio, currently a hammy mom of 1 female cdh (named Pixie). We started having hamsters back in May of 2019 (if I remember it right). I wanted to get a hamster for my son so he could learn how to be gentle with smaller pets. A lot of people say it’s […]

Special Guesting AT PTV4’s Rise and Shine Pilipinas

Aired last January 27, 2021 at PTV4’s morning show “Rise and Shine Pilipinas.” We were invited to share our group’s advocacy and give some insight on hamster keeping. It was a good opportunity for us to share and raise awareness about the hobby. This is our 3rd time to be invited in such a wonderful […]

My Hamazing Story: Hello I’m KATH!

Hi there, I’m Katherine from LasPiñas city. So, the start of my hammy journey was last July 10, 2019, when my family and I went to festival mall and noticed this little tiny creature ‘roborovski.’ I took a picture and told my boyfriend that I want a hamster on my birthday since I’m once an […]

My Hamazing Story: Hello I’m Maje!

Henlo everyone, I’m maje nierves from Quezon city! I started rescuing/adopting hamster when the pandemic started. I’m a nurse and I’m currently staying at quezon city away from my parents. When the pandemic started, I’m being sad a lot of times because one factor is I can’t go home because of COVID. My boyfriend (RAYAN) […]

My Hamazing Story: Hello I’m CHANTAL!

Hello! I’m Chantal from Tondo, Manila and I started in this hobby way back 2018. My boyfriend said that he has never seen a hamster running on a wheel so I bought him a pair of Syrian hamsters as a gift (I had no idea they are solitary). At first we thought, “Mabilis lang naman […]

PHK Online Anniversary Celebration

Last year, it was truly a hard time for all of us during the pandemic. Even though we were not able to meet through our yearly gathering, we were able to meet online and have simple activities through online celebration. This made us realize that despite the happenings, we can still do something to help […]

Hey, have you met me? – Chinese Hamster

Chinese Hamsters Chinese Hamsters are not so common here in the Philippines unlike Syrians and Dwarves. They can easily be mistaken to a mouse because their tail is a bit longer than the other hamsters. But hey, Chinese Hamsters are also a great pet once you get to tame and know their personality. Let us […]

Promote Proper Hamster Keeping and win!

Hello everyone! This month, we are creating a movement to promote proper hamster care. We would like to raise awareness that hamsters must be given the best care possible. So in lieu of this, we will be having 2 special activities. By participating in these 2 activities, you are practicing and promoting proper hamster care. […]


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