My Hamazing Story: Hello I’m KATH!

Hi there, I’m Katherine from LasPiñas city. So, the start of my hammy journey was last July 10, 2019, when my family and I went to festival mall and noticed this little tiny creature ‘roborovski.’ I took a picture and told my boyfriend that I want a hamster on my birthday since I’m once an owner of a syrian hamster when I was an little child. Anyway fast forward, I met someone who is selling a same gendered female roborovski hamster and we bought them. I started using 24L blue bin with a division in between. I started researching on google and youtube on how to tame them, what’s the proper enclosure for them. I watched some videos from TheHamsterGuy and found out a group that you can join to learn more about proper hamster keeping. I have checked their “caresheet” and find it interesting, that is why I’ve decided to join the group. Because of the group, I have decided to upgrade my cage to a bigger one which is a 58L Bincage for my roborovski hamsters.

During my entire time I’ve been saving up my school allowance to buy my hammy needs to spoil them sometimes, I always watched youtube everything that I should know about keeping a hamster. After a few months, when everything is okay, I adopted my first syrian hamster from Hamdoption PH (see picture below #2 chiro) Applying everything I’ve learned from PHK, you can see that there is a big improvement in my way of keeping a hamster.

One of my dream before is to own all of the hamster species. Guess what, I’ve successfully own all of the hamster species. (Roborovski, Syrian, Winterwhite, Campbell and Chinese hamsters) All of my hamster are properly taken care off using the things I’ve learned from the group. (see pictures below #3 set ups and the hammies)

All my current hamsters are properly taken care of applying the things I learned from the group. I also experienced owning all hamster species from Syrian hamster, Winterwhite hamster, Roborovski Hamster, Campbell Hamster and Chinese hamster and realized that hamster keeping is not about having many hamsters or different type of species but providing for their needs and prepareing an emergency budget if ever something might happen to them.

Today, I am still learning from the community and I’m thankful from what I’ve become today! ♥️ Thank you so much, Philippine Hamster Keepers for guiding those newbie who needs help and willing to learn for their hamsters and for helping them to improve and lastly, thank you for inspiring us. 💗 Here’s my current set up for my hammies, I’m still slowly upgrading them all in baby foot steps ( #4 Current Set ups and the hammies)

My advice to those who are planning to own a hamster, make sure that you are prepared emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially. Hamsters are commitments too even though they live 1.5-2 years life span. They deserve to be love and take care of. Even they’re small it doesn’t mean that they need to be caged on small bin. You can start with small cage but make sure that you’ll upgrade and improve your keeping! 😊 Money matters but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have hamsters. You can slowly improve your care and just be open to suggestion and be inspired by others who are in the community. Remember, owning a life of a small creature is a commitment, Happy keeping! 🐹

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