The Sleepy Hammy

Ever wondered how to get your hamster sleep on you? Well today I’m going to share some tips to have your baby cuddle beside you!

Say hello to my little hammy Bonbon. She is known for her sleeping habits in the hamster world. Want to know why she’s comfortable sleeping with her homan? The first thing you have to know about her is that when Bonbon was born she grew up in a safe environment. Her first hammy parent tamed her at an early age. Once she was born with her siblings and opened her eyes for the first time her hammy parent immediately started building a relationship. That is why by the time she was about to get adopted by me, her new hammy mom, Bonbon was already comfortable in the presence of a human. Taming has such an important role, take note on that. She was adopted at the age of 2 months and it was a perfect time to start building a new relationship.

The safe environment for these little babies growing up is so important for them to build a sweet and loving personality. When I finally enjoyed my time with Bonbon, for the first few weeks I made her feel at home. That me, as her human is safe to be around with. At first she was curious and aggressive towards my hand. She would nibble a little or sometimes bite me. But that stopped after a month because Bonbon can now recognize my scent.

Okay, now we’re about to talk about the exciting part where I tell you how I got Bonbon to feel safe around me. The first thing you have to do is to spend time with your little one. Playtime is essential in building a relationship. Tame them well and be patient about it. If he/she asks for your hand when you go near their cage you can now say that they are very well tamed. When you see your hamster sleeping gently scoop him/her in your hand and slowly near your body. Make sure you make no sound and your movements will not stress your hamster. They must recognize your body/hand as a safe place to sleep. This might not work for your first try but don’t give up! Patience is key to everything. After holding your baby near your body gently hug them using your fingers as if he/she was in a tight space. Remember, hamsters love to sleep in tight places. It is also important to do this inside a dim room. The light might affect their sleeping habits since it is their first time to be held while sleeping.

Now it is time to pick a place where you can sit and stay still while your hamster sleep on you. If he/she wakes up give a treat before putting them back inside their house.

But what if your hamster just don’t have that sweet personality? Even when you try and try you can’t get them to sleep on you? My experience with this is with my baby Chestnut. I got him as an adult hammy to be exact, he was 6 months old. I never got to tame him as well as I taught but whenever I try this method at home he would wake up after 5 mins or sometimes as fast as I picked him up. Chestnut was never an active hammy unlike Bonbon who needs 2 wheels inside her cage just to satisfy her need for running. This could also be one reason why she’s extra tired during the day. Chestnut is not a heavy sleeper unlike Bonbon. Also knowing that he came from a bad home and how he grew up his personality is understandable. But surprisingly one afternoon I took Chestnut to a vet and while waiting inside the private room for the doctor he started sleeping on me. My hand around his body and I was gently rubbing his head he fell asleep instantly. This is where I concluded at that moment, I was Chestnut’s safe place. Her mom, was the only thing he trusts while hearing that there are different animals inside the clinic.

After building a relationship with him, letting him know that as her mommy I can be his safe place Chestnut would sleep on me every time we visit his vet and this would take about an hour before the doctor comes in and examine him. So you see, your babies need to feel they are safe. This is the most important part if you want your babies to be a sleepy hammy. I hope you learned something from this blog and keep coming back for more updates!!


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  1. This is helpful! I will tru this with my hammy, Phoebe!

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